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 Epsilon's GM Application

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Epsilon's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Epsilon's GM Application   Epsilon's GM Application I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 4:22 pm

What is your name? Isaiah

What is Your Timezone? Eastern

IGN? Epsilon

Experience as a GM? I was a Game-Master on Alpha-MS,The server is down though so I cannot get any Referral, Though I wouldn't need any As i can be reliable and serious.

How long have you played Crimson-MS? (If you do not meet the 2 week requirement I will give a rating of 0 and you will automatically get DENIED.) One or maybe Two hours at most but I can assure you i know how the server works mostly by now.

Why Do You Like Crimson-MS? ("I like a lot" will not be accepted)
I think that Maplestory is addictive also It is nice to play.Crimson Will open a whole new world of possibilities for me As Alpha-MS did. I don't want to play Crimson Just to be a Game-Master I just want to play a server I can rely on with a wonderful community such as it is now. I will be mildly perturbed if i am not granted the Game-Master privileges doesn't mean I must or will quit this server.

What would you do as a GM in Crimson-MS? I would Make sure all players are satisfied with the Intense gaming experience of Crimson-MS.

Why do you think we should choose you?(What sticks out about you)
I can be serious when I have to be and when i need to be.I am a lot of things that well I don't know how to describe

How would you deal with potential fights between 2 players and/or staff members? (ONLY talk about 1 SCENARIO)I would send the players to jail and for the staff members try to solve the problem until Alex comes sort it out.

Will you quit if we decline your application? Defiantly Not,Others say No or Nah So they can heighten their chances of being picked but i sincerely mean it when i say i will not quit.

Tell Us About yourself? I am fun and rarely have to be redirected into the right direction of actions.
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Epsilon's GM Application
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