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 xAkumu's GM Application

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PostSubject: xAkumu's GM Application   xAkumu's GM Application I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 1:29 am

What is your name?
۞My name is Nightmare/NJ (either one works)

What is Your Timezone?
۞My time zone is Pacific

۞You can find me as a player named "xAmuku"

Experience as a GM?
۞ Quite decent. I became a Game Master on one of my friends private servers.

How long have you played CrimsonMS? (If you do not meet the 2 week requirement I will give a rating of 0 and you will automatically get DENIED.)
۞Although you must have a 2 week minimum playing time, I've only been playing for about 8 hours. Although, my brother, Jin, plays this, I watch him play a role of an SGM for more than 2 weeks(Does that count?)

Why Do You Like CrimsonMS? ("I like a lot" will not be accepted)
۞ The thing about CrimsonMS is that t is unique. From game style to commands; from rules to the very tip of the players. The one thing that makes CrimsonMS a wonderful place to play is that it is very laid back. Although everything is laid back, the server could also get into a serious state in which everyone will act accordingly. I respect that the most. I guess you could say that is why I like this server alot.

What would you do as a GM in CrimsonMS?
۞If I were a GM in CrimsonMS, I would try my very best to support the players in wanting to keep playing this amazing server. I would want to encourage people to invite their friends and expand this servers player numbers. IF I were a GM, I would love to make every person (Reg/GM) Players happy as much as I possibly can.

Why do you think we should choose you?(What sticks out about you)
۞Honestly, I think the choice is yours to make in whether or not I become GM or not. But If I must answer exactly, it would be that because I don't want power, or anything. I simply want you to choose me to become a GM to help with additional problems, so that you guys are not always so busy. I want to help you make this server a success. I want everyone to be happy when they come on to play. So I wish you guys would accept me as a GM. I only want to help.

How would you deal with potential fights between 2 players and/or staff members? (ONLY talk about 1 SCENARIO)
۞I would first calm them down from the fight/potential they are in. After they've both/all calmed down, I would warp them into a private room (GM Room,Jail,Black Room). I would carefully question both players on what the situation is and deal with them one by one. Once I've collected all they can tell me, I would then talk to them both/all about the current situation. Try to clam themselves, and calmly deal with the problem. If the problem does not progress to cease, I will jail them and let them think on what they SHOULD have done. After they've thought about what they did, I will have another chat with them to see if anything has changed. If nothing still changes, I will pause everything and immediately request for Alex's own actions on how he would deal with the situation.

Will you quit if we decline your application?
۞Certainly not. I have met friends and people I like on this server. My only goal of becoming GM is to help you guys. If you do not need my aid in anything, I would accept without hesitation. So, sincerely, I would not quit. GM or not GM. My place is to play with game with pride and happiness. I will continue to play.

Tell Us About yourself
۞I'm a guy who can take things very normally. I don't like liars at all. When it comes to detective stuff, I get pretty worked up and serious. I love to make others smile and laugh, even at the hardest times. But when duty calls, I will act accordingly. Strangely enough, I obey almost anyone's orders. You could say i'm obedient. But I am no fool. You can tell me to eat a banana. You can tell me to tie ribbons in my hair. But you can never make me hurt a precious friend or family member. I would never betray someone I care for.

۞۞۞I hope you enjoyed reading my GM Application! May we meet in this fascinating and wonderful game. ۞۞۞
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xAkumu's GM Application
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