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 Ivan's GM APP~

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Ivan's GM APP~ Empty
PostSubject: Ivan's GM APP~   Ivan's GM APP~ I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 4:35 am

What is your name? Ivan.

What is Your Timezone? Pacific Standard Time.

IGN? Fruit

Experience as a GM? I've been a GM in about 2-3 other servers, but its been a while and I forgot the server names.

How long have you played CrimsonMS? Just started, but I will continue playing Smile.

Why Do You Like CrimsonMS? I like CrimsonMS because it has a friendly community and the owner is friendly and also my friend Yuka invited me to play Smile.

What would you do as a GM in CrimsonMS? As a gm in CrimsonMS, I would help people with their problems, ban hackers and host several events daily if needed. Also, I would like to provide new ideas for the server to improve and invite people so the server could grow. I would go around and look for bugs/glitches.

Why do you think we should choose you? I'm very friendly, helpful and mature. Though I like to have fun, I know when to be serious to help people. Im talkative and very willing to help people with their problems and questions and also willing to help the staff if they need help with anything.

How would you deal with potential fights between 2 players and/or staff members? I would listen to both of them explain what happened and look deeper into the problem and
I would make sure that my judgment wouldnt be affected by friendship.

Will you quit if we decline your application? Nope, cause becoming a GM isnt the most important thing, the most important thing is that I can help people and help this server improve and grow.

Tell Us About yourself: I am a friendly, mature, helpful 14 years old boy. I speak the languages Cantonese, English and a little bit of French. I am the youngest child of my family and I have one sibling which is an older brother. The sports I enjoy playing are: basketball, soccer, and badminton. I really like gaming, and the games I currently play are: CrimsonMS and League of Legends. Other games that I like to play are : Fiesta, Killing Floor, Street Fighter X Tekken.

To conclude, no matter what the results of this application is, I will still be loyal to CrimsonMS and I wouldn't quit if my application is denied. If I do get accepted, I will be glad to begin helping the CrimsonMS community and watching CrimsonMS grow Smile.

Thanks for your time! - Ivan
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Ivan's GM APP~
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